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Premium Security Services

  • Escort services
  • Emergency and Disaster management services
  • Unarmed security services
  • Flagger and spot holder
  • Executive protection

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State of NY & NJ

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Drone prides itself in providing the best transcription value for your money. We create affordable solutions tailored to our clients’ needs.
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Drone Security Inc. has the ability to provide security services virtually at any location. Our personnel can successfully be accessed 24 hours a day from anywhere in the United States. In addition, Drone also has the capability to access personnel to handle emergency situations. We typically provide on-site project management at each location to enable easy access to Drone management. Our on-site project manager has the authority to call upon corporate resources in order to effectively meet any need that may arise.
24 Hour/Day Security Support

We understand that security personnel are only as good as their training. We ensure that all our licensed bodyguards and security guards have the training they need.

Unarmed Security

Many companies and individuals rely on private unarmed security guard services to provide the protection they need.

Escort Services

Our armed escorts can be deployed to accompany individuals or on long-distance trips through high-risk areas.

Executive protection

While the reasons may vary, executive protection services allow clients to continue their normal routines safely and with minimal disruption.

Background Checks

We also verify past employment history, licensing, employment references, and educational credentials to ensure accuracy.

Emergency/Disaster Management

Risk analysis, threat assessment and hazards vulnerability analysis Emergency and Disaster preparedness/preventions.

Delivering the Best Security Solutions to Our Clients